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Patient engagement Archives - CLINPAL – Engaging Patients in Clinical Research

Where do your patients sit on the engagement scale?

Sponsors have traditionally been hands-off when it comes to the relationship a patient may have with clinical research. They might provide materials to the site that in turn are passed onto the patient. They are required of course to provide a consent form. However, do they actually support the 'engagement'? Interventional clinical trials, by their definition, intervene with a patient’s...
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Patient Questionnaires in a Depression Study

7th January 2019 No Comments
Background Clinpal supporting 120 patients over 18 months Hybrid study combining visits, telephone visit and intervention at home with self-reporting Digital theraputic to be delivered via smartphone Data collected and analyzed on Clinpal Functional Scope Combined eCRF with several patient questionnaires Clinpal Randomization Workflow reminders Delivered via the Clinpal app Results Only Clinpal offered this solution within one system Project...
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