Summit 2013 – Round-Up

eCH Summit 2013

After months of preparation, last week we ran the inaugural eClinicalHealth Innovation Summit in Spain.   We had some great attendee’s all tasked with presenting and discussing the latest in Virtual Clinical Trials,   Patient Engagement and EHR for Clinical Research.  This was also an opportunity to get early industry leader feedback on our Clinpal Patient Engagement platform.

We will be distributing information concerning the 3 Themes under separate postings, but as a summary, read on…

Why a Summit?

As frequent attendee’s at industry conferences we are familiar with their information delivery format and methods.  These conferences certainly have networking value, and allow the sharing of information.   However, sometimes they deliver limited opportunities to innovate new ideas and solutions.

With the eClinicalHealth Summit, we aimed towards open peer review discussions with all attendee’s expected to both speak and contribute.   We mostly achieved these objectives… although another day would have been good!

Topic Themes

We felt that the primary areas of innovation and focus in clinical trials today fall into 3 themes;

  • Virtual Clinical Trials
  • EHR Data in Clinical Research
  • Patient Engagement

For our first theme – Virtual Clinical Trials – we had Miguel Orri, the lead on the Pfizer REMOTE clinical trial. He offered his feedback, lessons learned, and projections for the future.  This was followed by a presentation by Abbe Steel of UCB on how to effectively innovate and achieve change, together with discussions input from Sonia Hooper (Janssen) and Diane Wilde (ICON) jointly on ePRO deployment and scale-up.

Electronic Health Records and Clinical Research was covered by presentations from Johann Proeve (Bayer) on EHR4CR, John Parkinson (UK – CPRD) on the current status of leveraging UK EHR data for clinical trials and Doug Bain on the potential value of EHR integration, and an update on the CPRD EHR Gateway for CDISC ODM compliant systems.

Patient Engagement was led by Doug Bain with a review of the Clinpal technology, clarity  on the potential value that Patient Engagement will bring, and the scope of technologies likely to emerge to help drive improving patient involvement in clinical research.   We had some excellent presentations from Joe Kim – Shire, Kate Spencer – Langland on Gamification, and Kristian Ranta / Antti Virkamäki of  Mendor on Diabetic patient profiling.

Lean Canvas Methodology

To focus minds and discussions, we applied the Lean Canvas approach – suggested by Abbe Steel of UBC.  This provided a method of focusing our discussions on the problem(s) and potential solutions.   The discussions have resulting in take-away tasks for volunteering meeting attendee’s.

Next Steps

We are already receiving interest for Summit 2014… but before then, we will be driving forward with many of the initiatives agreed during the meeting.   The outcome of these initiatives will be presented by the team members at conferences, as white papers and blog postings.


The team at eClinicalHealth would like to thank the attendee’s for their support, and in making the meeting such an exciting, constructive and involving exercise.      Look out for our outcome innovation activities over the coming weeks and months under this section of our site and at conferences in 2014.


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