Remote Research and Patient Engagement: Polling Results and FAQ

27th October 2016 No Comments

eClinicalHealth and Sanofi presented a recent webinar highlighting our joint collaboration in conducting a successful and completely remote clinical study in diabetes. The webinar topic of remote research models was clearly of interest with more than 200 industry registrants from around the globe. The presenters Kai Langel, Co-Founder and Director of Patient Solutions at eClinicalHealth, and Nadir Amour, Global Domain Head – Patients and Partners at Sanofi, experienced high engagement from the audience with live poll responses and many important questions asked. The excellent questions asked during the webinar were too numerous to be fully addressed during the live session. You can access the webinar FAQ HERE.

This blog post is the first of a series that will offer a glimpse of the clinical research industry’s current appetite for remote research and patient engagement. Remote research is taking off! Over 40% of the audience is planning to run remote trials in the next 12 months. This comes as no surprise as remote trial methodologies address many of the key challenges that biopharmaceutical companies are facing today, as highlighted by Nadir Amour of Sanofi during the webinar session.


Following this result, we wanted to get views from other industry experts on this exact topic, which produced some interesting views. Craig Lipset, Head of Clinical Innovation at Pfizer, found the result of our poll to be ‘beyond belief’.. His belief is that there are 4-5 companies that are seriously exploring completely remote trials. However, there are many companies that are introducing remote ’components’ into their trials, such as home nursing, remote diagnostics, etc. These incremental steps can add great value to trials and this is likely where the main growth will be in the coming months. Craig’s view is clearly justified and also in line with where we see Clinpal being applied today. We haven’t done many completely remote trials, but we are doing several trials that include significant remote elements in terms of the recruitment process, eConsent, data capture and remote involvement of various stakeholders like nutritionists.

John Reites, Chief Product Officer @ THREAD offers a different view and the results didn’t surprise him much. Obviously our poll likely has some selection bias, considering the audience joined the Clinpal webinar specifically to learn more about remote trials. However, it is clear that there are plenty of trials that are well suited for the remote model, especially in the observatory real-world evidence space.

One thing is certain – remote clinical research is a hot topic. Participate in the remote research discussion by subscribing to the eClinicalHealth blog. We will be publishing the rest of the patient engagement poll results along with commentary from the team in the near future.

If you would like to know how Clinpal can integrate remote research and patient engagement into your next study, please contact us at and request a study specific demo.

The eClinicalHealth and Sanofi Remote Research Methods webinar recording is still available. You can access it HERE.

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