Press Release: eClinicalHealth launches Clinpal


A platform for Patient Engagement

A platform for Patient Engagement


eClinicalHealth launches Clinpal™ – a new cloud platform that improves patient engagement at every stage of the clinical trial journey

United Kingdom, September 2013 – eClinicalHealth Limited, a company dedicated to the provision of innovative clinical trial solutions, has launched Clinpal – a new patient-centric platform designed to engage patients digitally in clinical research more efficiently.

Recruiting and retaining participants is the most expensive and time-consuming part of the clinical trial lifecycle. In fact, recruitment difficulties delay 86% of studies.[1] That’s why eClinicalHealth is dedicated to enhancing the trial experience in order to make participation as easy and attractive as possible.

Clinpal is a pioneering cloud-based software-as-a-service platform that works across all leading mobile and desktop operating systems and technologies – a feature that will allow it to support traditional clinical trials today and remote virtual clinical trial models tomorrow.

The highly automated and easy-to-use platform:

  • Provides real-time compliance/performance metrics throughout the trial
  • Allows third party system integration (e.g., EHR, biometric devices and other eClinical systems)
  • Facilitates workflow management and communication between sites and patients
  • Automates between-visit patient management, reduces visits and increases visit efficiency
  • Provides access to patient-friendly study materials and electronic informed consent
  • Helps patients with study procedures by using reminders and context-sensitive instructions

All this helps sponsors increase efficiency, reduce trial costs and increase both speed and quality by:

  • Providing access to high-quality, well-informed, pre-screened patients for easier recruitment
  • Creating an online environment that patients trust and want to return to for better study engagement
  • Reducing withdrawals due to lack of engagement

“By putting patient engagement at the heart of clinical development, we facilitate and accelerate study success,” says Douglas Bain, eClinicalHealth’s CEO and Co-founder. “It’s our goal to give every clinical trial participant access to a dedicated online resource, regardless of the size and type of the trial. That’s why we’ve ensured our platform is easily scalable whether you’re running a 10-patient investigator-led study or a 30,000-patient mega-trial. While some studies will only need a self-service online trial information page and pre-screening tool, other can benefit from a full-service model covering the whole participant lifecycle.”

“Remote clinical trials are here to stay,” said Miguel Orri, Pfizer’s Senior Director, in a recent interview by eClinicalHealth. “It’s very exciting that new technology, services and expertise is becoming available to ensure future feasibility and scalability of clinical trials.”

As well as Douglas Bain, many other eClinical technology innovators helped develop Clinpal. These included Kai Langel (eClinicalHealth’s Director of Patient Solutions who has more than 12 years’ direct patient data capture experience), numerous user experience designers, an agile software development team and Karl Landert (a former CIO of both Novartis and Credit Suisse who provided strategic direction). Ian Mills is an agile development and cloud computing expert responsible for architecting Clinpal.

For more information, please visit the Clinpal website.


About the Company

Headquartered in Scotland, eClinicalHealth Limited (Clinpal’s developer) was founded in early 2012 and provides innovative clinical trial solutions. The Company is committed to leading open and collaborative innovation discussions about virtual clinical trial processes and technology with pharmaceutical companies, CROs and other service and technology providers.


Contact:            Kai Langel


Office:              +34 637 228 747



[1]  Cutting Edge Information White Paper- Accelerating Clinical Trials: Budgets, Patient Recruitment and Productivity

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