Medidata releases free fPRO devices at recent MCT Congress

fPRO - Front Cover

fPRO – Front Cover


Medidata (NASDAQ: MDSO) recently released what may turn out to be the next evolution of the Patient Reported Outcome device.  As this early stage in the development cycle, the product has yet to get an official name, but the buzz on the street is that it will be referred to as a fPRO device.   When asked to explain the use of the ‘F’ in the name, a representative explained that “‘F’ indicates that the device is 1 higher than ‘e’.  It is therefore one better than ePRO. ”

Figure 2 - Integrated book marking

Figure 2 – Integrated book marking



It is being offered in 1 colour choice – black, with the typical Medidata logo clearly embossed on the integrated cover.  It is fully configurable making it suitable for any type of PRO questionnaires, with a highly efficient A5 form factor.

fPRO - easy navigation

Figure 3 – Easy navigation


Unlike earlier devices, this version comes with green credentials..  It can be used together with a rubber (US: eraser) allowing the entries to be removed and re-filled for subsequent patient use, [although some validation concerns regarding the use of a pencil have been raised].   Adding to that, the device also runs indefinitely on no charge giving it 24×7 usage.  This also avoids the challenges of voltage and plug differences between countries.

fPRO - back cover

Figure 4 – Back cover




The device has support for multi-lingual entries as well as catering for right to left text as well as the more common left to right.

Graphics are also an option, though it is recommended that for straight lines, a ruler is used.



Figure 5 - Social sharing

Figure 5 – Social sharing

Social sharing is also enabled with flexible, unlimited sharing out of the box.


Pages can be accessed in any order, using tactile response technology – a finger.

Whether the product will make it beyond the concept phase is still an open question.  We applaud Medidata for their clear skies thinking!




To my former colleagues at Medidata… Happy Easter….


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