Kai Langel

22nd March 2012 No Comments

Kai Langel, Principal Consultant and Co-Founder of eClinicalHealth has had a successful career in the world of ePRO since the late 1990’s. He was one of the first employees of CRF Health, a leading ePRO technology company.  At CRF Health, Kai initially designed ePRO and eClinical systems and latterly led technology operations both in Europe and the USA. Since 2008, Kai has worked in a consultative role to CRF Health and top Pharmaceutical companies to achieve efficient and successful use of ePRO in clinical trials. Kai has authored several published articles and is a frequent speaker in industry conferences. Kai is one of the leading experts in migrating paper PRO instruments to electronic modalities and has done significant research into the Return Of Investment (ROI) of ePRO and has published articles and presentations on the topic. Outside work, he directs his passion to various sports, outdoor activities and his family.


Specialties Kai can help you with

Supporting the ePRO Business Case

  • Paper vs. ePRO cost
  • Quantifying the business impact of ePRO
  • Define true ROI

ePRO adoption and scaling-up

  • ePRO Libraries and standards
  • Process development / improvement
  • Efficiencies
  • Program- and enterprise level ePRO strategy
  • Change management

ePRO Integration

  • ePRO -> EDC integration

ePRO Design

  • Protocol-specific ePRO design
  • Challenging patient groups: elderly, motor symptoms, pediatric


  • ePRO Operations, UAT and study support
  • Data Management

ePRO Instrument development and migration

  • Usability research and testing
  • Cognitive debriefing

ePRO Business Development

Protocol analysis and ePRO suitability evaluation

ePRO Vendor Evaluations