How do Monitors work on site with Online only systems?

12th September 2008 No Comments


I have a question that I would like to ask.

When Monitors go out onsite to carry out Monitoring activities, and, the monitoring activity involves working with the data captured into an EDC system – how do they do it if the EDC system is online only?

  • They could use the site computer – but, often this is a computer shared for other purposes. With increasing security at site locations, often it is not appropriate for an external person to login to a site system.
  • They could use their own laptop with the site network link?  Using the site network infrastructure is often a big no-no. The site will often not provide a wireless network key, again due to security restrictions
  • They could use their own laptop, but with a 3G or similar wireless technology?  Well – not in many hospital establishments.  Mobile communication, including 3G is not permitted.

So, without resorting to an offline solution, how do they work?

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