eClinicalHealth Introduces Clinpal™ EDC as the First Patient-Centric Cloud Platform

12th July 2017 No Comments

STIRLING, Scotland – 12th July 2017 – Today eClinicalHealth introduces Clinpal EDC, the first application for data capture on a single cloud platform that provides an intuitive experience for patients and sites as well as all sponsor and CRO stakeholders.

With over five years of development and use in numerous live trials, Clinpal EDC is optimized for Phase II through Phase IV post-marketing studies, observational studies, and registries, with no upper limit on the number of sites or patients.

“Clinpal EDC offers a modern and advanced cloud approach to electronic data capture that provides natural workflows to sites, sponsors, and CROs, while involving patients in the trial lifecycle,” said Doug Bain, Chief Technology Officer at eClinicalHealth.

With extreme competition for recruiting qualified clinical trial patients, the need to retain hard-won and costly subjects grows in importance12. Clinpal EDC offers an innovative approach on a single cloud platform to recruit patients through targeted websites and social networks, qualify and enroll them, and then collect data in a way designed to increase retention and protocol compliance throughout the clinical trial process.

“Our EDC platform is unique in that it has shortened delivery times, reduced costs, and enabled sponsors to collect source data directly from thousands of patients while meeting global regulatory requirements,” said Ian Mills, Lead Architect of Clinpal EDC.

For many trials with a limited pool of patients sought by multiple sponsors, patient drop-out becomes an expensive problem that delays trial completion134. The Clinpal EDC package brings a patient-centric focus to EDC, built on a modern, flexible and extensible cloud platform that allows new features and new capabilities to all users. Clinpal EDC offers the basic functionality of the complete set of modules in a convenient package at a price to suit the budget of any organization requiring a validated, cloud-based solution, including commercial, academic, and hospital-based research teams.

To find out more about Clinpal EDC, click here.

About eClinicalHealth 
For over 5 years, Clinpal EDC has been capturing data from patients in studies across 41 countries on 6 continents in virtually all local languages. These projects have integrated a variety of biometric data and range from small proof-of-concept trials to large global patient registries.


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