eClinicalHealth holds Clinpal Investor Roadshow

The bulk of our management team are in Zurich this week running an investor roadshow for parties interested in the work we are doing with Clinpal.  This has been a great exercise for us, allowing us to step back and look at the progress we have made over the last 2 years.

The work we are most proud of is the development of our single instance platform for patient engagement.   We set out over 2 years ago to create a scalable platform that would change the way in which patients become involved, and stay involved in clinical research.

From a software architecture perspective, we could not be happier.   Like most good ideas – what we have produced is fundamentally simple. Many eClinical solutions are compromised early on in their development, leading later to users scratching their heads as to why things need to be so complicated.   We believe we have created a good solid underlying platform.

Over the course of 2014, we will be explaining how our platform will help not only patients, but also simplify the lives of investigator sites and sponsors.



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