eClinicalHealth and Clinerion join forces to provide complementary and innovative support for clinical trials, creating synergies benefiting the entire clinical trials process

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A collaboration between Clinerion’s data driven Patient Recruitment System and the direct, individualized patient/physician engagement offered by eClinicalHealth’s Clinpal provides complementary support and synergies throughout the clinical trials process.

Basel, July 11, 2016 – Clinerion and eClinicalHealth, innovative companies working in the area of electronic patient recruitment, announce a collaboration between the two companies and their respective platforms, Clinerion’s Patient Recruitment System and eClinicalHealth’s Clinpal.

Under the terms of the collaboration, Clinerion and eClinicalHealth will leverage the complementary nature of their respective technologies by offering them in tandem to hospitals and sponsor companies/CROs.

Clinerion and eClinicalHealth touch the clinical trials process at different and complementary points. Clinerion’s Patient Recruitment System (PRS) supports the clinical trial process by identifying and recruiting suitable patients through real-time search of millions of Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) within its growing global network of participating hospitals. eClinicalHealth’s Clinpal represents a comprehensive electronic platform for engaging and recruiting patients through direct patient facing web solutions, while at the same time running sophisticated workflows which guide both the patient and the site through the clinical trial process. Together, these two technologies have the potential to augment each other’s effect by combining Clinerion’s powerful Big Data tools with the direct, individualized patient/physician engagement offered by Clinpal.

“We are excited about the new horizons this collaboration offers for our clients” says Ulf Claesson, CEO of Clinerion. “Clinerion’s PRS quickly fills the patient pool of a study with suitable candidates using our patented search technology. Clinpal further replenishes this pool by making sure we capture individual patients directly, and prevents leaks by engaging with patients and improving their experience of the study.”

“The Clinpal Team is eager to engage with Clinerion to advance technology-enabled clinical trials. Together, we can deliver enhanced patient engagement, reduce site burden, and expedite working practices on behalf of CROs and our joint Sponsors,” says Karl Landert, Chairman of the Board and CEO of eClinicalHealth.

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About eClinicalHealth

 Headquartered in Scotland, eClinicalHealth Limited, developers of the revolutionary Clinpal patient engagement platform, was founded in early 2012 to provide innovative clinical trial solutions. The company is committed to leading open and collaborative innovation discussions about patient centric clinical trial processes and technology with pharmaceutical companies, CROs and other service and technology providers.

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About Clinerion

Clinerion is an international technology services company offering highly scalable electronic patient recruitment solutions to increase efficiency and quality in clinical research. The company’s Patient Recruitment System connects to and leverages existing electronic medical records. Following international privacy and confidentiality standards, Clinerion’s solutions pseudonimyze, enrich and normalize those records and facilitate real-time patient recruitment for clinical trials.

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Mary Briggs

Vice President of Sales and Business Development and North American Operations

eClinicalHealth Ltd.

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