A Co-founder, CEO and Principal Consultant at eClinicalHealth.

Doug has worked with many of the leading eClinical vendors in technical product management positions as well as consultative Operational Excellence roles.  In 1998, he headed up the management of the IBM Clinical Trials Solutions Group product – ClinWare.  Since this time, he has worked with DataTrak, TeamWorks Trialink, and eResearch Technology.

In 2004, Doug founded the Medidata Solutions European office supporting the early evolution of the company,  before stepping into a position as Vice President, Operational Excellence – defining the best practices, processes and methods for the deployment and execution of Medidata technologies for sponsors.

At eClinicalHealth, Doug and his consultants provide consulting support in the following areas;

  • eClinical Platform Architecture
  • EDC
    • Evaluation / Selection
    • Planning
    • Implementation (* –  see below)
    • Integration
    • Optimization
  • ePRO / WebPRO
    • Scale-up
    • Standards Management
    • Integration
  • Processes
    • Re-engineering – Structure and Optimization
    • Aligning with People Skills and Technology
    • Agile Clinical Research and Development
  • Workflow
    • Achieving near real-time End-to-End Clinical Trial data flow
    • Enterprise Integration design and management
  • Technology Development
    • Bespoke software design services
    • Integration Development work
    • Portals / Data Gateway implementations
    • ODM (Operational Data Model) processing and manipulation
    • SDTM (Study Data Tabulation Model) conversion to/from
  • Medidata Rave
    • Study by Study –> Enterprise implementation methods
    • Best practices


(*)  One of Doug’s significant successes was the design and development of the Medidata SILC (Study Implementation LifeCycle) Process Framework.  An agile rapid implementation method capable of routinely implementing EDC studies in 6 weeks.  Doug was also the original author of the Medidata Implementation Best Practices, the initial Best Practice Webinar series, Medidata Fundamental Orientation and Study Designer Bootcamp training.

Doug is currently advising clients on how to achieve higher quality, higher performance eClinical implementations with methods that he has championed since his pioneering work at Medidata.

Doug is a frequent speaker at industry events, focusing on systems integration and operational optimization.