Doug Bain – OpenClinica User Group Keynote address – Boston, 21st June 2013

Doug Bain is proud to be invited to give the keynote address at the Annual OpenClinica User group meeting schedule for Friday 21st June in Boston – just prior to the annual DIA 2013.

“As a former developer of an open source EDC solution,  I have the greatest respect for the work completed, and success that OpenClinica have had in recent years.   It is very difficult to get an Open Source solution off the ground, and to gain a critical momentum to move the solution forward. Despite working within a tightly regulated environment, with an audience often verging on the conservative when approaching technology,  the platform has evolved and extended with a solid user base.

One of the areas I will be focusing on during my keynote address is the field of Patient Engagement.  In the development of technologies, we have often fallen back to a role of attempting to replicate a paper world.  To some extent, we have done this with CRFs.  We have stuck the ‘e’ on the front to create eCRF’s…  but have we really changed how clinical trials function?

I look forward to meeting the OpenClinica community, and to discuss the opportunities that exist for reaching out and involving patients more intimately in research.”

Doug Bain, CEO, eClinicalHealth Limited.

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