Decentralized Diabetes Study

30th December 2018 No Comments


  • Decentralized, remote diabetes study assessing the insulin efficacy against food intake, sleep and exercise
  • Combined electronic Blood Glucose meter (3G) backed by cloud services
  • Online patient recruitment only
  • One virtual site
  • All patient 55 or over
  • Multi-device support for patients

Functional Scope

  • Clinpal Presence as landing page for sites and patients
  • Clinpal Recruit to screen patients brought in through social media campaign
  • Clinpal Educate for eConsenting of patients
  • Clinpal Capture for the capture of patient reported data and from a single virtual site
  • Clinpal Capture for patient satisfaction questionnaire at end of study
  • Dashboard Sites and and study data delivery for patients


  • 100% patient satisfaction score
  • 18% increase in compliance
  • 22% faster profile completion
  • 56% increased recruitment rate
  • 300% increased site efficiency in managing patients

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