Clinpal. Multiple modules, end-to-end solutions.

Clinpal Build

Your study design studio

Clinpal Build provides a point-and-click studio for study configuration. This includes defining the data fields, forms and logic. It enables CROs and self-build clients to quickly and easily design studies with all of the rich features of Clinpal.  Rapid, collaborative study design, either self-build or as a service.

Build once, deploy to Web, Desktop, Tablet or Mobile.  App or no App.

Structure your study and data with a view to standards and best-practice

Flexible form design, with an emphasis on standards and reuse

Clinpal Presence

The gateway to your study

Provides the study with a professional and secure web portal to help engage patients, clinicians and sites. This professional and attractive web presence is internationalised for global reach and optionally provides interactive, geographical site maps for patients to easily locate a convenient site for their participation in a study.

Intelligent, creative online presence for your study

A single point of entry that brings together patients, clinicians and the whole study team

Advanced features like location-based site finder, custom URLs, local language support

Clinpal Recruit

Optimised recruitment for your study

Provides the functionality for study sites to issue invitations to pre-qualified patients and for patients to self-register their interest to join the study. Advanced recruitment tactics can be implemented together with the sponsor and the extensive Clinpal certified partner network. The referral process is supported by a sophisticated pre-screener; the integrated workflow, reminders and messaging features enable additional screening steps. Rich referral metrics and recruitment dashboards give an instantaneous overview of progress, help identify bottlenecks and support optimising the recruitment process for maximum effectiveness.

Pre-screen candidates to focus efforts on promising subjects.

Advanced recruitment tactics, from social media to real-world data targeted out-reach

Rich metrics identify bottlenecks and support optimising recruitment for maximum effectiveness and return on investment

Clinpal Educate

Your study training and informed consent solution

Clinpal Educate provides a powerful tool for delivering patients with eConsent and education as well as for sites as an eLearning tool, document libraries and a site portal.

The eLearning mechanism can be used to either completely replace face-to-face training in investigator meetings, or to enhance the training by providing tools for completing self-paced training remotely enabling the in-person training sessions to be shorter and more focused on engaging discussion rather than one-directional training.

eLearning also allows new sites and staff to be on-boarded into the trial very efficiently. Educate for patients allows the patient information sheet and other study materials to be presented in rich media format with centralized content management and document status tracking.

All content can be centrally managed, making sure all stakeholders have access to the most up-to-date materials, including eLearning modules, study protocol, patient information materials and more.

The Educate module includes a site portal, including a document library and site dashboard. Clinpal is the one-stop-shop for study sites to access all study documents, eLearning and support in a single location.


Patients are provided with electronic materials to support the Informed Consent Process. Rich media content helps deliver complex trial information in a patient-friendly format. Our experienced team will help implement the most appropriate eICF solution for each study.

Clinpal Capture

Quality data for your study, from anyone, anywhere

Clinpal Capture provides an end-to-end solution for study conduct that proactively guides different stakeholders (sponsor, CRO, site and patient) through the life cycle of data acquisition. With the provision of state-of-the-art data capture tools and the ability for patients to enter outcomes directly as ePRO (electronic patient reported outcomes), data collection is standardised for both sites and patients, resulting in a smooth, efficient collection process. Data cleaning and management is supported through query resolution, source data verification and configurable data locking. Clinpal is unique in supporting site (EDC) and patient (ePRO) capture on the same platform across multiple devices, significantly reducing start-up, licensing, and integration costs for sponsors.


Clinpal Capture is a site-friendly and powerful eCRF system. The system can be localized to the user’s local language, includes an on-line help assistant that guides the users through data entry and is so intuitive to use that users can start right after they pass their eLearning course.


Clinpal can capture data from compatible biometric devices. For example, the system is integrated with a wireless (3G) glucose meter that can capture blood glucose readings from patients in near real-time and can combine this data with patient-reported data.


Reach out directly to patients, delivering questionnaires anywhere, on any device – either their own (BYOD), or provisioned.

Clinpal Engage

Patient and clinician engagement with your study

Clinpal Engage improves patient and site engagement and communication throughout the study. From initial collection of site information, through start-up, initiation, conduct, and closeout, sites are able to communicate effectively with patients from the onset of their journey. With calendar and reminder features, patients can be notified about up-coming visits and treatment schedules via e-mail, SMS and internal messaging, prompting them to perform activities through their personalised dashboard. The configurable patient reward system motivates patient compliance and can trigger motivational rewards. Engage runs on any device (Mobile, Tablet or Desktop), browser or as part of the Clinpal for Patients app.

Retain patients throughout the study with sophisticated engagement tactics

Clinpal Engage provides an efficient mechanism for engaging and supporting patients during the study. Patients can communicate directly with the site or a patient-facing call center to ensure a timely response.

Patients get step-by-step instructions on their dashboard, all controlled by Clinpal’s workflow engine. Patients  as well as Site personnel receives reminders from the system triggering them to simply log in for the system to guide them through their tasks.

Clinpal Repository

Online, on-demand  secure access to all your clinical trial data

Clinpal Repository provides immediate access to well structured tabular study data, accessible through standard data listing reports. The data may be easily imported to the sponsor’s own relational databases or analytical tools with standard export functionality including a convenient, self-service web API. With regular updates to the data, the Repository supports the development of rich metrics, dashboards and reports throughout the study life-cycle. Additional services are offered for database and tool hosting, where competitive access to the RStudio suite, including Shiny web applications, enables the elegant data visualization and insightful analysis.

Actionable insights from elegant data visualization and analysis. For example, HBA1C chart based on R-Shiny pulling data directly from the Clinpal Repository on demand.


Timely access to data. For example,  Mean HbA1C over time.  Report is parameterised by Term or Diabetes type.


Design your own reports through a self-service reports platform through our hosting reporting tools based on R / Shiny or using our API. For example,  Detailed S/AE Analysis report with breakdowns by Procedure and Treatment relationship.