About us

eClinicalHealth was founded by a core team of innovators and eClinical pioneers. The team set out with the ambitious plan of not creating ‘yet another system’, but to build something to truly transform clinical trials to be more modern, efficient and patient-centric. Thus, the Clinpal platform was born and has since been received with great enthusiasm in the industry. Today, the platform is already transforming clinical trials and in use in studies ranging from very small (50 patients) to very large (10,000+ patients). Clinpal has been adopted by several organizations, ranging from patient recruitment companies and research institutions to several top 10 pharmaceutical companies.

The Team

Below is the core team responsible for the development of a new kind of a cloud platform targeting site and patient engagement that fits in any existing infrastructure and is suitable for clinical trials across all therapeutic areas and study phases. We are passionate about improving efficiency in clinical trials and we want to integrate and apply best practices across the entire clinical trial process for all stakeholders. Want to join us – check out our careers.

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Doug Bain

Co-founder and CEO

Doug has worked with many of the leading eClinical vendors in technical product management positions as well as consultative Operational Excellence roles. In 1998, he headed up the management of the IBM Clinical Trials Solutions Group product – ClinWare. Since this time, he has worked with DataTrak, TeamWorks Trialink, and eResearch Technology. In 2004, Doug founded the Medidata Solutions European office supporting the early evolution of the company, before stepping into a position as Vice President, Operational Excellence – defining the best practices, processes and methods for the deployment and execution of Medidata technologies for sponsors.

At eClinicalHealth, defines and manages the strategic direction of the company and the Clinpal product.

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Kai Langel

Director, Patient Solutions and Co-Founder

Since 2000, Kai has been a pioneer in patient-facing systems for clinical trials. Through his involvement in technical, operational and scientific roles, he has gained an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the patient journey in clinical trials from recruitment and engagement through data capture. He is actively involved in providing guidance to eClinicalHealth’s customers on how to best operationalize new and innovative methods for making it easier and more efficient for sites and patients to participate in clinical trials. Kai is a respected leader throughout the industry who frequently speaks at industry conferences and has authored several articles. Outside work, he is a competitive and passionate mountain runner and an outdoor enthusiast.

Specialties Kai can help you with:
  • Automated site identification, qualification and start-up
  • Online patient recruitment
  • Patient engagement
  • Electronic informed consent
  • Electronic patient data capture (ePRO / eCOA)
  • Remote Clinical trials
  • Innovation projects
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Karl Landert

Chairman, Advisor and Investor

Karl is an active investor in eClinicalHealth as well as the Chairman of the Board and an advisor to Clinpal and key customers. Karl’s career started at IBM in 1985. He was the founder of the IBM ClinWare Solution Unit, one of the first EDC systems for clinical trials in the mid-nineties. Between 1998 and 2001 he worked at Novartis as Chief Information Officer. His career continued at Credit Suisse, where he assumed several senior leadership positions in IT. He became CIO of the Group in 2008 and was a Member of the Executive Board of Credit-Suisse until 2012. In his functions at Credit-Suisse he oversaw hundreds of global change programs. In 2012 and 2013 Karl advised the Chairman of Credit-Suisse in setting up an innovation program for the firm. Since retiring from Credit-Suisse in March 2013 Karl focuses on a portfolio of investments in start-up companies, continues to advise Senior Leaders and is a Non-Executive director in technology companies. At Clinpal, besides his role as Chairman, Karl applies his expertise towards:

  • The delivery of big programs, change management, stakeholder alignment and strategic oversight.
  • Consulting in business management, marketing, communications, and information technology.
  • Designing and developing new and innovative Business Models. The development of innovation programs in order to deliver institutionalised and sustained value.
  • Strategy development, market analysis and positioning of companies
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Miguel Orri

Consulting Partner and Chairman of the Board of Advisors

Dr. Miguel Orri, an innovative, highly motivated & results orientated Pharmaceutical Physician with a proven track record of understanding and delivering solutions to complex clinical, technical and operational challenges through cross-functional collaboration. Dr. Orri qualified in Medicine in 1992 and holds an MD (magna cum laude) from Essen University, Germany. He is a Member of The Royal College of Physicians and a Fellow of The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine. He has extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry at project and management levels across a variety of therapeutic areas and disciplines. More recently he worked in clinical trial excellence and process improvements and conducted the first virtual clinical trial under an IND. After 16 successful years in one of the largest Pharmaceutical companies he has joined eClinicalHealth as a Consulting Partner and Chairman of the Board of Advisors at eClinicalHealth. At eClinicalHealth, Miguel provides advise on all aspects of clinical development from phase 2 to 4 including clinical development plans, submission dossiers, protocols and clinical study reports with hands on experience in cardiovascular, infectious disease, migraine, chronic back pain, smoking cessation, women’s health and urology. Special interest in clinical trial innovation in particular:

  • Protocol optimization
  • Use of electronic informed consent
  • Patient ID verification
  • Regulatory and ethical challenges in remote data capture
  • Remote patient recruitment and retention
  • Safety management
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Ian Mills

Director of Software Development

Ian has been directly involved in the development of some of the leading, and most advanced EDC systems brought to market in the last 15 years. At eClinicalHealth, he continues to lead from the front by supporting client integration and extending their eClinical solutions. Ian is an expert in agile software development methods, and besides his hands-on technical prowess he has taken the lead in ensuring organizations he works with have bullet proof auditability throughout their product development lifecycle. All work carried out at eClinicalHealth follows either our own rigorous agile Software Development LifeCycle or, if preferred, our sponsors. Ian’s EDC products have been used globally by companies such as Roche, Novartis, Merck and Johnson & Johnson. Ian is a master of CDISC standards – ODM specifically – as well as Web technologies for regulated industries that include; RUP, XP, UML, SCRUM, Agile Development, JEE (JPA, JSF, JSP, JMS, JMX, JTA), Spring Framework, Eclipse, Hibernate, Tapestry, Web Services, JavaScript, Ajax, GWT, JQuery, SQL (Oracle, DB2, MySQL), XML, NoSQL Databases (ObjectStore, Mongo, CouchDB), C/C++, Groovy, Python. Besides Ian’s computing language proficiency, Ian is also fluent in both English and German.